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The top bowlers of ODI Cricket 2017 are ranked based on there ratings. Here are the top 5 bowlers of ODI 2017 who performed well to occupy the respective positions. The top 5 batsmen of ODI are two from Australia, two from South Africa and one from West Indies. Each and every player in this ranking is considered as the dangerous bowlers of the world who builds a huge pressure on opposition with their bowling strength. So lets see the table first:

Top 5 bowlers of 2017

Position Player Country Ratings
1 Josh Hazlewood Australia 732
2 Imran Tahir South Africa 718
3 Mitchell Starc Australia 701
4 Kagiso Rabada South Africa 685
5 Sunil Narine West Indies 679

Josh Hazlewood

Josh Hazlewood is 26 years old international Australian all-rounder cricket player played his first debut test match against India on 17 Novermber 2014 and ODI debut match aginst England on 22 June 2010. Left hand batsmen and right hand medium-fast bowler. He bowled in 37 innings in ODI cricket taken 64 wickets in which three times he has taken five wickets which is a great number of any high performing bowler in ODI format. Economy is 4.69 and average is 23.86. Stand at first position with the ratings of 732. Many of his great records are against New Zealand, always gaves best aginst New Zealand

Imran Tahir

Imran Tahir is 38 years old South African spinner known for his better spell of spin in middle overs. Right hand batsmen and right arm legbreak spinner. Though he plays for South Africa his motherland is Pakistan, basically he was born and raised in Lahore, Punjab in Pakistan. Played his first test debut match against Australia on 9 November, 2011 and ODI debut match agains West Indies on 24 Februray 2011 and he was the first South African bowler to severn wickets in ODI cricket in the year 2016. He bowled in 78 innings in ODI and he has taken 132 wickets in which economy is 4.66 and average is 23.88 and he has taken five wickets twice. Stands at second position with the ratings of 718.

Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc is 27 years old Australian bowler. Left hand batsmen and left arm fast-medium bowler better known for his pace, yorkers and bouncers. He played 68 innings and has taken 134 wicket with the economy of 4.82 and average of 20.14. He has also taken five wickets five times in his ODI career. Great presence of mind during his bowling spell which build the enormous pressure on batsmen. Batsmen is forced play dot bowls in starc’s spell of bowling. Stands at third position with the ratings of 701.

Kagiso Rabada

Kagiso Rabada is 25 years old South African bowler. Left hand batsmen and right arm fast bowler, an youngest bowler in South African team right now. He bowled in 39 innings and has taken 65 wickets with economy of 5.12 and average of 26.31 and also taken five wickets only once. Stands in at fourth position with the ratings of 685.

Sunil Narine

Sunil Narine is 29 years old West Indies player. Left hand batsmen and right arm offbreak spinner. He played 65 innings and has taken 92 wickets with an economy of 4.13 and average of 26.47. Twice he has taken five wickets in ODI career till now. Stands in at fifth position with the ratings of 679.

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