Cricket the most popular Sport


The Outdoor game Cricket is a bad and ball game played between two teams in each side and the international cricket council is the governing body of cricket. Each side consists of eleven players. Game is divide into two equal half that is first innings and second innings in which both the teams take part equally. After toss, the team which won the toss will choose either to bat or ball first, the choice is up to the toss winning captain. Both innings have equal number of overs in twenty-twenty and One day international. Batting team will be all-out when they lose their ten wickets. After completion of both innings the team which scored highest number of runs will be winner of the match. Match can be stopped play due some reasons like weather conditions, bad light etc.

The first cricket game was played in England and it is also the national game of England. Now a days cricket has become one the most popular game in the world as the audience growing. Day by day a type of craziness is growing among the audience. Some of the worlds strongest side of cricket teams are Australia, South Africa, India, England, Pakistan, New Zealand and many more.

There are total 15 players in each team among which 11 are on field and rest are in extras, here keeper who stands behind the stumps to catch the ball and tries stump out the batsmen, the bowlers bowls and aims to take wickets and tries to stop runs and tries to build pressure on batsmen, fielders stops and catch the ball. Batsmen are main players of the team who score runs and they also tries to build pressure on bowlers by hitting boundaries and sixes. It is called four when ball cross the boundary by ground shot and it is called six when the ball is hit over the boundary. There are several ways to score runs like when batsmen hits a ball he or she can take single, double, third run or more, extra runs like wide, knowb, leg bytes, over throw, miss field.

There total three umpires who manages the game and makes right decisions. The first two umpires plays the important role, when this two couldn’t able to make decision then they will call the third umpire for review using appropriate cameras and then the decision will be displayed on screen by third umpire. The tournaments in played in cricket are ICC World Twenty20, ICC World Cup(ODII cup), Champions trophy and many more. The International Cricket Council is the administrator of all the tournaments held under ICC. In ICC World Twenty20 Cricket the total 16 teams will play in preliminary round and out of them only eight teams will be qualified to playoff and from those eight teams only four winning teams will play semi-final and then final. After preliminary round every round is knockout round. The most successful team in ICC twenty20 is West Indies as they won two titles. The run scorer is Sri Lankan cricketer Mahela Jayawardene and leading wicket taker is a Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi.


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